Psychiatric medications found in home of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, who underwent 18 months of psychiatric 'treatment'

Vatic Note:   This below does not surprise me.   What does surprise me is how readily we as a group of people accept the take over of our lives by the drug companies.  This all began back in the 80's when Bush Sr moved all our wealth producing industries overseas to slave labor countries, paying slave wages.  So Americans no longer had the money to spend on their products, so what to do to shore up the foundational client base for their products, when the jobs were no longer there?

What they had to do was make it a higher priority than in the past.  They had to make it so we were willing to spend a larger portion of our pathetic income on products, whose manufacturing had gone overseas.  As we already know, these greedy psychopaths are extremely short sighted as Bush Sr has proven many times.   They saw the potential for massive increases in their profits, by using slave labor, but neglected to see the short coming caused by the loss of those jobs to overseas slave wage countries.   That meant they had to have something new, here in the states,  that could be privatized and made into a profit making operation.

That is when privatizing public services became the new income stream and it was much cheaper labor.  Post office is now privatized and we all know what happened there..... less efficiency and higher costs, with lower margins, thus lower salaries.   Then they used war as a way to generate excessive profits, with the military industrial complex.

Then illness, as Obama care shows, is being promoted through the chemical industry, with chemicals in our prepared foods, chemtrails, which affects the air we breath,  and water we drink and food we eat.  GMO comes to mind.  Illness is the new industry they are promoting, and their bioweapons labs are working at full tilt to provide us with such new illnesses and make massive profits off the vaccines they create to fight the illnesses, they also created and in many cases, patented.

They are even starting to privatized war,  law enforcement etc, prisons, etc   We are definitely moving toward a communist country,  but fascist in reality, where anything we do is controlled by the corporations.  They are also starting to offer legislation that would give corporations individual rights,  while stripping ours away from us, that, my friends, is fascism in its purest form.

That is also starting to impinge on our rights and freedoms, but then that was always going to be the case, since the powers that be hate that part of our country since they then have no control over our reactions to things that they do to us.   They desperately want to "not give a sh*t what we think"!   They can only do that if these medications are prescribed that mess with our brain.  This is the result. It would be poetic justice if someone died on that plane who contributed to this condition within our country as it exists right now.

Psychiatric medications found in home of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, who underwent 18 months of psychiatric 'treatment'
By Mike Adams,  Health Ranger,   March 28, 2015

(NaturalNews) Just as Natural News publicly predicted in a widely-circulated article entitled Germanwings jetliner catastrophe: The first antidepressant drug-induced mass murder of the skies?, psychiatric drugs have now been located and identified by law enforcement authorities searching the home of the murder-suicide co-pilot.

As the Straits Times now reports:

Investigators made the discovery in a search of the home of Andreas Lubitz in the western city of Duesseldorf and seized a number "of medicines for the treatment of psychological illness", Welt am Sonntag weekly said.

"The 27-year-old has been treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists," it quoted an unidentified high-ranking investigator as saying, in excerpts released ahead of Sunday's edition...

The same story goes on to report:

On Friday they said searches of his homes netted "medical documents that suggest an existing illness and appropriate medical treatment"...

In today's global system of pharma-dominated health care, so-called "appropriate medical treatments" for depression consist almost entirely of mind-altering medications which have been repeatedly linked to mass school shootings.

"The police found antidepressants during a search of his apartment here on Thursday," reports The New York Times, further confirming that the SSRI drug link to Lubitz.

A Reuters story also explains, "German newspaper Welt am Sonntag quoted a senior investigator as saying the 27-year-old "was treated by several neurologists and psychiatrists", adding that a number of medications had been found in his Duesseldorf apartment."

18 months of psychiatric "treatment" on medications, but still allowed to fly
According to the Daily Mail, Lubitz "...reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying."

As I noted in a previous Natural News article, SSRI drugs are considered so dangerous by the FAA that U.S. pilots are not allowed to fly commercial or private airplanes if they are currently taking antidepressant medications. (The FAA knows SSRI drugs can make pilots suicidal.)

It now appears Andreas Lubitz was attempting to hide his psychiatric treatment and medications from authorities, and he may have stopped taking SSRI drugs in order to pass a urine test or blood test.

"[T]he other possible explanations for Lubitz's actions are that he may have stopped taking his medication so it would not be detected in any medical tests..." reports the Daily Mail. Other behavior demonstrates by Lubitz is also consistent with this idea, such as his tearing up of doctors' notes to avoid submitting them to his employer.

"Regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy"
Also from the Daily Mail:

He reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying. But, incredibly, he passed his psychological assessments and was later considered fit to fly.

German police are now investigating whether Lubitz had stopped taking any medication he was on and have questioned chemists at the Apotheke am Breidenplatz close to Lubitz's Dusseldorf flat.

Lubitz regularly collected a prescription from the pharmacy, MailOnline understands. A chemist at the Apotheke confirmed she had spoken to the police but declined to offer any details.

As with all such stories, there will be enormous pressure exerted on the mainstream media by the pharmaceutical industry to downplay any link between SSRI drugs and this mass murder tragedy. But given the repeated pattern of mass murder carried out by people who are either currently taking SSRI drugs or have recently quit taking them, we must ask the obvious question: Can psychiatric meds transform a normal person into a mass murderer?

Until society honestly asks this question, many more people might unnecessarily die from acts of violence which are induced by psychiatric medications.

Learn more about the dangers of psychiatric medications at www.CCHR.org

And learn about how psychiatric drugs are killing our soldiers at www.CCHR.org/military

More news on Andreas Lubitz
Why would a 28-year-old co-pilot intentionally crash his plane, killing 150 people?

Monsanto: The world's poster child for corporate manipulation and deceit

Extreme bias at Wikipedia on homeopathic medicine

Guatemalan STD medical experiments were just one crime in a long history of medical-government collusion to use humans as guinea pigs

Vicious vaccine culture war now being waged against informed, intelligent Americans who seek to protect their children from deadly side effects

131 Ways for an Infant to Die: Vaccines and Sudden Death

Magnesium crucial to prevent congestive heart failure

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the "Health Ranger") is the founding editor of NaturalNews.com, the internet's No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month.

In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS instrumentation. With this research, Adams has made numerous food safety breakthroughs such as revealing rice protein products imported from Asia to be contaminated with toxic heavy metals like lead, cadmium and tungsten. Adams was the first food science researcher to document high levels of tungsten in superfoods. He also discovered over 11 ppm lead in imported mangosteen powder, and led an industry-wide voluntary agreement to limit heavy metals in rice protein products to low levels by July 1, 2015.

In addition to his lab work, Adams is also the (non-paid) executive director of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (CWC), an organization that redirects 100% of its donations receipts to grant programs that teach children and women how to grow their own food or vastly improve their nutrition. Click here to see some of the CWC success stories.

With a background in science and software technology, Adams is the original founder of the email newsletter technology company known as Arial Software. Using his technical experience combined with his love for natural health, Adams developed and deployed the content management system currently driving NaturalNews.com. He also engineered the high-level statistical algorithms that power SCIENCE.naturalnews.com, a massive research resource now featuring over 10 million scientific studies.

Adams is well known for his incredibly popular consumer activism video blowing the lid on fake blueberries used throughout the food supply. He has also exposed "strange fibers" found in Chicken McNuggets, fake academic credentials of so-called health "gurus," dangerous "detox" products imported as battery acid and sold for oral consumption, fake acai berry scams, the California raw milk raids, the vaccine research fraud revealed by industry whistleblowers and many other topics.

Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

In addition to his activism, Adams is an accomplished musician who has released ten popular songs covering a variety of activism topics.

Click here to read a more detailed bio on Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, at HealthRanger.com.
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CIA Secret Experiments (documentary)

Vatic Note:   This is an extraordinary expose on mind control.   After all the blogs and research we have done, its mind boggling, just how much more there was to know and now we are finding out.  All of it is documented what happened as far back as early 1950's up through the various assassinations, including Robert Kennedy.  Its well worth the watch on this video.   

With advancements in technology, their abilities, studies and practices far exceed those shown below done back in the 1970's.   I noticed that the MI6 was the lead on much of this.  There is some but not much discussion of MI6 or the British in this film, and since the CIA was created by MI6 as were other intel agencies, it seems to me they were building secret services and intel groups to serve the New World order rather than each nation.

National Geographic did a good job on this, but did leave out the point that many of the names of those in power were khazars.  But then that has only recently been disclosed and proven and even accepted by Israel and being the case, that most of those in Israels' leadership are Khazars.

CIA Secret Experiments (documentary)
By Admin,  Vigilant Citizen,  March 20, 2915

This National Geographic documentary looks into the CIA’s secret experiments conducted during the Cold War. It mainly focuses on mind control and the brainwashing techniques attached to it : Hypnosis, electroshock therapy and drugs.

CIA Secret Experiments explores a page of the book History that is often heavily redacted or completely shredded. It is about the troubling experiments conducted by the CIA during the Cold War, especially on mind control. The documentary explains how its techniques can be used to create “Manchurian candidates” (aka MK slaves) that can be used to conduct assassinations and other deeds.
It’s the height of the Cold War and the United States government is desperate to combat the spread of Communism. The CIA launches a highly classified, top secret research program into the covert use of biological and chemical agents. In simulated attacks on enemy populations, entire cities in America are contaminated with bacteria, exposing millions of Americans to germ warfare.
But the real focus of the research is on mastering the art of mind control. Psychiatrists at top academic institutions work under secret contract with the agency. Psychiatric patients, prisoners, even unwitting members of the public are exposed to a startling array of experiments designed to facilitate interrogations, induce amnesia and program in new behavior.
Every psychological technique is explored, including hypnosis, electroshock therapy and lethal cocktails of drugs. What was the extent of these brainwashing experiments? How did the CIA become involved in such far-reaching and disturbing research?’
Here is it.


While the documentary puts into light a wealth of important facts, it does not expose the entire system. Mind control is not simply an “experiment” that was developed to beat the USSR. It is actually a  system that is more powerful today than it ever was. It is more covert, a lot sophisticated and it is used for all kinds of purposes and, in all kinds of fields, including the military, the entertainment industry and elite underground rings.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

ATTN: RH NEGS: Jesus Bloodine — A Scandinavia Magdalenian Line

Vatic Note:   Now this explains a lot.   I could not figure out why these khazar zionists always killed off Christians whenever they could and railed against Christ, calling him, in their Talmud, a sorcerer and that he should be boiled in a vat of his own execrement.   I also could not figure out why the powers that be always tied Jesus in with the drago lizard line,  and below it explains why.  

Thank goodness for DNA science since they have been able to prove that the Nazarenes were NOT JEWISH nor Khazars.  Thus, Jesus was not Jewish by religion or DNA, rather he was a nazarene by both DNA and religion, and it's why the dragos created Catholic Church, burned the writings of the apostles and the essenes.  Remember it was Bishop Iraneas, in 150 AD, that ordered the Nag Hammadi Library to be gathered up, collected and burned, in order to hide those writings of all the apostles, including Mary Magdalene.  

The cannonized Bible was a result of a pagan Constantine, and the bad guys of Christianity, after trying to destroy the original church and its writings.  We put up a three part series on the writings of the Essenes and from those you could see exactly what Christ taught.   It was completely opposite of the massive controlling religions of Judaism (as practiced by these dragos) and the Catholic Church, an offshoot of Judaism, using Christ since they could not destroy that Christian religion as they tried to do.  

Go back and read those writings by the Essenes and see what a difference it makes.  It places control of the Christian religion back in the hands of the people, each individually experiencing what is within us.  Its a whole other education to read the Gospels of St. Thomas, after realizing Luke was not an apostle, and he never traveled with Christ or the other Apostles.   Rather he was a protoge of Paul, a pharisee, and an amenian doctor, with no history as an apostle, so how did he get the job of writing one of the 4 gospels put into the canonized Bible?  He simply wrote from the other apostles, such as Mathew and Mark and yet most of the other 12 apostles writings were not included in the Bible. 

I always wondered about that and asked why, even as a kid of 8 years old.  That sent me on a journey to find the original church of Jesus Christ with all of his teachings to be discovered.  Those writing by the essenes that we published is just a sample of his teachings and they are awesome and well worth the read. 
Here are the links to those writings.  Take the time before you read this, to read them, so you can see why the resulting catholic church did away with them.  Then the rest of this article below will make sense. 





Jesus Bloodine — A Scandinavia Magdalenian Line
by “Buyer Beware”, April 27, 2010

We wonder today if there are people alive today who have the same bloodline factor that Jesus (Yashua) was born with and I SAY YES. They represent about 10% of the global populations and can be found primarily in Northern Europe, the United State and on all continents as well.
These descendents apparently have a rare blood factor and have prehistoric ancestors that can be found when we track back to an area in the world known as the “Garden.” These original people groups on earth were what we refer to today as the original Scandinavian race.

Believe it or not, the oldest mummies all over the world had blonde hair, which also tells us that our original ancestors were Scandinavians.  I mean all of us.  It does not matter what color your skin is today, all of your original ancestors on earth were Scandinavian. When Jesus (Yashua) said we were all brothers he meant it literally.

Magdalénien era

Science can track this Scandinavian Bloodline from the exact location Jesus (Yashua’s) Nazarene tribes lived in Northern Israel to previous descendents that lived during the Magdalenian Era in Western Europe, long before Jesus (Yashua) was born.  These bloodline descendents can then be tracked back further to Scandinavia and even further back to the original earth generation where the ORIGINAL GARDEN of humanity existed, which was Hyperborea.  Today Hyperborea is associated with the North Pole region.
Jesus (Yashua) was not a Jew.  A very devious hybrid people group known as the “Serpent Bloodline Groups” have falsely been stating that Jesus (Yashua) was a Jew for VERY DEVIOIUS REASONS.  When even the Bible clearly says and shows us that he was a Nazarene who was born in the same Nazarene village where he ran his ministry from in Northern Israel.  The Bible clearly states that Jesus (Yashua) was a Nazarene by birth and religion.  he DID NOT PRACTICE THE JEWISH OR HEBREW RELIGIONS AND CLEARLY SPOKE AGAINST THEIR EVIL GODS.
The Nazarenes were Scandinavians who apparently had the PURE Rh Negative bloodline factor, which can also be tracked back in time to the original human race that were born on this planet in the “Garden of Hyperborea.” The Old Testament never speaks about the Garden of Hyperborea, instead it focuses on the Sumerian Garden of Eden that is associated with Genesis Chapter 2.

After the original human race incarnated in human flesh on earth, Cain’s bloodline was created. Cain’s hybrid bloodline has a long history of in breeding with different races.  Cain is actually a Biblical example of a human hybrid, so let’s start with Cain’s origins.

According to what Jesus (Yashua) taught in the “Sophia Pistis Story” which can be found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge was the evil god of the Jews.  It was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge in Genesis Chapter 2 who was responsible for cloning the Jewish and probably Sumerian Adam and Eve There is a long-standing dispute as to who Cains father was.

Some Jews say it was Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge aka Jehovah, while other records say that it was a satanic entity.  When you read what Jesus (Yashua) taught,  Satan was originally created to assist Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge until he created a mutiny taking 200 of the ORIGINAL WATCHERS with him who then became the “NORDIC ARYAN ALIEN “FALLEN ELOHIM WATCHERS.”  (VN:  now I know why they took Enoch out of the Bible.  He talked about this merging or hybridizing of the original man on earth)
Jesus (Yashua) describes the evil Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, as a lion-faced reptilian entity.  As the story goes Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge cloned Adam and Eve and then put them into a secret location for their own protection.  It was called the “Garden of Eden” however there is good reason to suspect that “Garden of Eden” was inside the earth with opening to the surface in Mesopotamia.  Other openings can be found in places like the Himalayas Mountain region.  (VN: is that why Iraq was invaded?  Is this why the zionists wanted control of Iraq?  Is this why the zionists were sniping and killing our soldiers so they would not tell what was going on there after we took control?  I know and we did a blog on the raiding of the Museum in Bagdad, and the artifacts that were stolen during the first gulf war under Bush Sr. and Cheney)
Mesopotamia is where the headwaters of the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers used to flow to the surface from inside the earth.  These riverbeds have since dried up but can be seen by Satellite.
OFFICIAL JEWISH WRITING say that Eve was not Cains actual mother and that originally Adam had a different wife named LILITH.  The stories are very convoluted, however the point is that Cain and his bloodline were hybrids from the start. Lilith is an extremely controversial figure within Jewish folklore.

Lilith’s name is not included in the creation story of the Torah but she appears in several Midrash texts. Her symbolism, history and literature are debated among Jewish scholars, feminists and other intellectuals.  To find more information about Lilith you can click into this article:

Cains bloodline is clearly linked with the global Indian races through DNA and to the continents on our globe ancients called Atlantis. The various land masses Atlantis was linked to were the America’s, South Western Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Below are links to pictures on line where Atlantis existed.  After you click into these links look at the highlighted areas on the coastlines I mentioned above.

The Empire of Atlantis

Hyperborea was at one time located on the Equator until the earth experienced a global cataclysm or a set of cataclysms at which points the earth flipped on it’s access which finally placed Hyperborea in the north pole region today.  When this happened OUR ORIGINAL SCANDINAVIAN ANCESTORS living in the Polar Regions migrated South into Scandinavia and then down as far as to parts of Spain.
The first people group to leave Hyperborea was the hybrid Indian race that science refers to as the ADAMS.  They had been kicked out of Hyperborea for mingling their seed these evil gods, such as Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge, his agent entity Satan and their evil forces who we refer to today as the Reptilians and the “Nordic Aryan Alien “Fallen Elohim Watchers” led by Satan.
Keep in mind that at one time our earth was one large land mass so that migrating races may have traveled by land and over water.  See Neal Adams website called the “Earth is Growing” and the “Conspiracy of Science” on the various links below:
The INDIAN ADAMS migrated to areas that were not flooded. They landed in places like North America, parts of Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as island areas such as the, Canary Islands, Azores etc. The “Adams” bred into the Middle East and became the Canaani aka the Canaanites. They were also called the Phoenicians and the  “Sea People.”  It was the “Sea People” who later transported the Tribe of Cain – Dan” into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea.
Another early in breeding took place between some of the Scandinavian people in Northern Israel that bred with a dark haired race of Turkish Semite peoples WHO WERE ALSO IN CAINS BLOODLINE. This is the same tribe we refer to in the Old Testament, as the Judah Jews that were originally a tribe of wandering nomads with out a home. 

The Egyptians referred to this dark hair dark eyed tribe as the APIRU tribe.  Their pictures can be seen on Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Below is a link you can go to see the hieroglyphic picture of the dark haired Apiru and the blonde haired Shoshu people who worked together in Egypt.  After the inbreeding took place the descendents became the Hebrew people who were a mixed race of dark hair dark eyed people, red hair green-eyed people and the hybrid Aryan races. 

Cain and Esau reportedly had red hair which science will tell you was not a human gene originally it was a Neanderthal gene.  When you combine all these genes you come up with a person who looks very much like Scottish-Irish person with a crooked nose and reddish or brown hair who has brown to green eyes.


This Scandinavian race was described in Egyptian records as having BLONDE HAIR BLUE-EYES with pail or pinkish skin tones. They were referred to as the SHOSHU in Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This in breeding took place so far back we have trouble tracking them.  This dark hair dark-eyed Apiru tribe of Cain who bred with the Scandinavians tribes is the same tribe we refer to (in the Old Testament) as the Judah Jews, who were described as tribe of wandering itinerant nomads with out a home who claim they migrated to Israel and Judea under the direction of their lion-faced reptilian god Yahweh Ildabaoth the Demiurge to take up housekeeping and claim the land for themselves.

The descendents of this in breeding became the Aryan Hebrew tribes of Northern Israel.  Those looking for this tribe among the various people groups said to have traveled with Moses you can recognize them as the Naptali tribe.
The Scandinavian Nazarenes were a well-developed advanced tribe that lived at the base of Mt. Carmel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee, in Northern Israel.  This is the tribe in Northern Israel Jesus (Yashua) was born into, lived and operated his ministry out of.


Jewish (KHAZAR) Crimes Against Humanity - The Misrepresentation of Israeli Aggression as Self-Defense

Vatic Note:  I don't believe, in my very long life, that I have ever seen the breadth, depth and scope of psychopathic acts, that Israel has committed under these Khazars, such as I have seen since this entire mess began. I did not know what true evil was until I saw all that Israel does in deception using their supposed "danger" as an excuse, which is virtually non - existent.  In fact, this is exactly what you can expect if they ever take us over and American Christians, under the Noahide laws that our President, traitor Bush signed in 1991, we will become like the Russians in 1917, and that is millions of us killed if we refuse to give up our Christian faith.  There goes the Constitution and all that we have believed in for over 250 years.

I think about the poor German people who have had to pay Israel/Khazars billions of dollars in reparations after we find out the holocaust was the result of Zionists in Switzerland refusing to take and free the Jewish people under Hitler's stated conditions, which would have been no problem for the real Torah Jews, but the Khazars wanted them either in Palestine or dead.  EITHER WAY SERVED THEIR PURPOSES and they cared not one wit about the children, old people or the fact that they were mostly unarmed civilians.  (Because these khazars lack any creativity or ingenuity, they can only make money through these criminal acts of taking it from those who do create the wealth, the middle class.)

Hamas was created and funded by Israel as we proved in a previous blog.  This blog we put up is what started me searching since something stunk to high heaven.   What was happening was the Arabs were attacking and killing their own people.  Now that is something Israel has done to manipulate their people into a more war like stance, but not the Arabs, at least not in the past.

Yet, none of them were even close to seriously doing anything to Israel who the Israeli's say is their enemy that wants to destroy them.   The Arab rebels, so called, aren't acting that way?  Why not.  Well, this link explains it......The rebels were khazars working for Israel to attack and kill Israeli's.  No wonder the Israeli dual citizens don't want to go back to Palestine when the psychopathic leaders of theirs are doing this kind of garbage.  That is one sick group of people, indeed. A whole insane asylum would not be big enough to hold and treat them all.   

Here, here and here are more about the role Israel has played in their own attacks against their own people.  Now, it certainly makes one wonder about who really did the holocaust?   After all Hitler had 150,000 zionists in his military and they were in charge of the camps.  That sounds like their plan to get Palestine by pretending the nazi's did the holocaust.  Now I truly wonder......I don't go by what they "say", I go by what they "do".   And that is what they have done with countries they have taken over, so its probably what they also did in the past since it worked for them. 

Frankly, as a taxpayer, I would rather give money to treat these insane mentally ill people somewhere safe from them and for us, than to keep feeding them the cash to pay for the bringing down of our country.  Somehow, paying for our own destruction borders on insanity and crazy for us to do that. I certainly don't want to become as crazy insane as they are.

The Misrepresentation of Israeli Aggression as Self-Defense
By Whitewraithe,  March 17, 2015
By Matt Peppe | Just the Facts Blog | March 15, 2015
U.S. Palestinians protest Israel over Gaza
U.S. Palestinians protest Israel over Gaza

“Last July, shortly after the outbreak of war in Gaza, President Barack Obama declared that “Israel has the right to defend itself against what I consider to be inexcusable attacks from Hamas.” (horseshit) To demonstrate the general moral applicability of this position, he said that “no country can accept rocket [sic] fired indiscriminately at citizens.” Obama’s claims provided ideological cover for Israel to carry out wholesale slaughter over the next six weeks in which nearly 2,200 Palestinians were killed.
Obama also conveniently turned reality on its head by ignoring the fact that it was Israel that was responsible for nearly three times as many cease fire violations as Hamas since December 2012. Israel’s violations of the 2012 cease fire caused the deaths of 18 people, while Palestinian violations caused none. Since the end of the 51-day war in August 2014, Israel predictably has gone on violating the most recent cease fire even more brazenly and with complete impunity.
The latest cease fire agreement stipulated that Hamas and other groups in Gaza would stop rocket attacks, while Israel would stop all military action. As with past truces, Hamas has observed the conditions. On the rare occasions that individuals or groups have fired rockets from Gaza, Hamas has arrested them. (See also here and here.)
Israel, on the other hand, has failed to live up to its end of the bargain. This is consistent with past practice. Israel has continued its illegal siege on the Gaza strip, while indiscriminately harassing and shooting at the local population. Fishermen and farmers, who are trying to subsist amid dire economic conditions, have born the brunt of the aggression.
The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights documented 18 instances of Israeli soldiers firing on Palestinian fishermen operating within internationally recognized Palestinian waters in September 2014 alone.
By December, Humanity for Palestine reported 94 total cease fire violations since the August truce. In addition to the many attacks on fishermen, Israeli border guards targeted “protesters;” “fired sporadically at Palestinian homes and agricultural property with machine guns and ‘flashbang’ grenades;” and “seriously injured” a teenager who was shot near the Kerem Shalom crossing.
The first months of 2015 have seen more of the same. According to International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC ):
  • On February 25, “Israeli forces opened fire at farmers in the central Gaza Strip.” The previous day, farmers near Khan Younis had been fired on. Two days prior farmers near Rafah were fired on.
  • On February 27, Israeli forces “opened gunfire on Palestinian houses in the Central Gaza strip.”
  • On March 2, “Israeli gunboats again opened fire … towards fishermen’s boats in the Gaza strip.” The Israeli forces reportedly “chased some fishing boats off the coast.”
  • On March 7, fisherman Tawfiq Abu Ryala, 34, was killed when he was shot in the abdomen by Israeli navy ships. Several attacks in previous days were reported in which Palestinian fishermen were injured. “All took place while the boats were in Palestinian territorial waters.”
  • On March 11, “several armored military vehicles and bulldozers carried out … a limited invasion into an area east of the al-Maghazi refugee camp, in central Gaza, and bulldozed farmlands.”
On March 13, Palestine News Network reported that “Israeli Soldiers Open Fire on Palestinian Lands and Farmers East of Khan Younis Again.” The articles states that “witnesses reported that the Israeli soldiers in the borders towers opened their guns [sic] fire on the the [sic] shepherds and farmers near the security line east of Al Tuffah neighborhood east of Khan Younis.”
The vast majority of the rampant Israeli cease fire violations are not reported by the American and the Western press. When they are, the Israeli military is given the opportunity to provide self-serving rationalizations which serve as the authoritative account of what transpired.
When a fisherman was killed on March 7, a Reuters article cites an Israeli military spokesperson claiming that “four vessels had strayed from the fishing zone and that the Israeli army opened fire after the boats did not heed calls to halt.” Of course, the fisherman is not able to tell his side of the story because the organization Reuters quotes killed him.
There is no mention in the article of any of the multiple attacks on Palestinian fishermen that happen routinely in Gaza. In many similar shootings, surviving victims and witnesses can attest that fishermen are within the agreed-upon six-mile nautical limit, and certainly well within the 20-mile limit guaranteed by the Oslo accords.
In a December article in the New York Times, Isabel Kershner writes that “Retaliating for a rocket fired into Israel on Friday, the Israeli military said it carried out an airstrike on a Hamas site in southern Gaza.” She begins the sentence by stating it is Israel retaliating against Palestinian actions. Whoever fired the rocket presumably was not “retaliating” for the dozens of Israeli military cease fire violations over the previous months, but was implicitly initiating aggression.
More importantly than this biased framing of the narrative, Kershner buries the lead at the bottom of the story: “Also on Friday, six Palestinians were wounded by Israeli gunfire near the border fence in northern Gaza.” She obsequiously follows this statement with Israeli military rationalizations that “soldiers first fired into the air to try to disperse protesters approaching the fence then fired at the legs of some of them.”
Someone who commits a violent action is obviously not an impartial source for an honest account of the facts. Would a journalist report on a shooting by only repeating the side of the suspect who claims self-defense?
Six months after repeated, documented Israeli breaches of the cease fire agreement – without any by Hamas – New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof claimed in an Op-Ed that “Hamas provokes Israel.” He provides no evidence for this assertion. As the record clearly shows, Kristof has it backwards.
If no country can accept rockets fired at its population, then surely neither can they accept M16s fired at them. Or tanks and bulldozers invading their land. But perhaps Obama was deliberate in choosing his words. He stated that no country can accept rockets “fired indiscriminately at citizens (italics mine).”
Since Palestinians live under Israeli sovereignty but are denied citizenship, they are not technically covered by Obama’s moral truism. But assuming what he says should apply to all people - even those who are politically subjugated by racist regimes – Obama’s words would apply equally to Palestinians.
But when asked by a reporter whether Palestinians in Gaza have the right to defend themselves, an Obama administration spokesperson denied Palestinians this right. She did not explicitly say so, but by evading and refusing to respond to a simple yes or no question, she gave the equivalent of a direct denial. “I think – I’m not sure what you’re getting at,” she said. After the reporter restated his crystal-clear question, she replied “What are you specifically referring to? Is there a specific event or a specific occurrence?”

In the same way that omission of material facts may constitute fraud, refusing to answer a question about whether a person enjoys a right constitutes a direct refusal to recognize that right.
Obama did not only pervert the issue of the right to self-defense by falsely pretending it was a moral truism that he clearly and demonstrably does not extend to Palestinians, he also misrepresents the applicability of self-defense to Israel in the first place.
As Noura Erakat explained in her July 2014 article “No, Israel Does Not Have the Right to Self-Defense in International Law Against Occupied Palestinian Territory,” Israel is “distorting/reinterpreting international law to justify its use of militarized force in order to protect its colonial authority.” Obama willingly enables Israel’s lawless actions by accepting their rewriting of international law to justify their aggression.  (VN: Obama does not have a clue.  I would even bet, he has no idea what the international law is on the subject, he just does what his khazar handlers tell him to do.)
What Obama is really saying when he talks about self-defense is that as the leader of one rogue nation, he supports the right of his rogue client state to violate the rule of law and make fraudulent claims that are neither morally nor legally justified.

As John Quigley explains in The Six-Day War and Israeli Self-Defense, failing to challenge Israel’s bogus claims of self-defense in the 1967 war – as the United States has done by providing a diplomatic shield, vetoing more than 40 U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Israel – has had disastrous consequences for Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the system of international law in general.
“The flawed perception of the June 1967 war serves to perpetuate conflict in the Middle East. It also serves to promote the expansion of the concept of self-defense and thereby to erode the prohibition against the use of force,” Quigley writes.
The United States government under the Obama administration continues to carry this even further. Undoubtedly the situation will only get worse in the future. Last month in Haaretz, Gideon Levy wrote that there will inevitably be another war in Gaza.
“Israel knows this war will break out, it also knows why – and it’s galloping toward it blindfolded, as though it were a cyclical ritual, a periodical ceremony or a natural disaster that cannot be avoided. Here and there one even perceives enthusiasm,” Levy writes.

This will mean more death, more destruction, and more Palestinian lives destroyed as the world looks on and does nothing. Sadly Levy is right. When the next war comes and Israel succeeds in baiting Hamas to start firing rockets into Israel, all the talk will be about Israel’s right to defend itself. Obama (or the next American President) will repeat the same charade. He will frame the narrative in terms of Israel’s victimization and Israel’s rights, while denying this treatment to the Palestinians.
The media and the public will uncritically support the position of American and Israeli power. Thousands of Palestinians will be indiscriminately killed, but not because Israel is defending itself. Palestinians will be killed because the U.S. government refuses to protect them from a belligerent and aggressive regime, and refuses even to recognize their right to protect themselves.

Source: https://alethonews.wordpress.com/2015/03/16/the-misrepresentation-of-israeli-aggression-as-self-defense/

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

IRS Forces U.S. Citizens To Pay A Percentage Of Their Taxes To The Queen Of England.

Vatic Note:  This below is why England is in cahoots with the  Rothschilds, so they can reclaim our nation and extract serfdom to support their silly as*es.  Given their behavior in pedophiling children,  murdering babies and drinking their blood, which we proved on this blog, who would want them anywhere near us. 

Our forefathers were right to rid us of these scum sucking troglidites.  They have single handedly destroyed Great Britain that is now a nation of whimps that gave up their guns for no reason. Britain was the first to allow cameras on every corner to spy on their people and yet they did nothing to stop it.

Is that what we want to become???  No..... lets get back to who we really are and make it clear it will cost them to even try to stop us from saving and protecting our constitutional guaranteed freedoms and rights.  Are we an independant nation or part of the British Commonwealth?  Australia has proven what happens to a country that was one proud and independant, when they came back under the rule of the commonwealth and they know it too. 

They and Canada are existing in a living hell right now, with foreign agents controlling their nation.  Soon, if we do not stop it, we will have become as passive, apathetic and controlled as both of those countries, and then your children will definitely not be safe from assault, as we are now seeing in Canada where the zionist controlled government is making it mandatory to teach little kids about how to have sex with adults.  Nice, huh?  No thank you, not for me country.   

IRS Forces U.S. Citizens To Pay A Percentage Of Their Taxes To The Queen Of England.
By Admin, Political Velcraft, February 8, 2012

Americans pay a percentage of their taxes to the Queen of England via the IRSThe IRS is not an agency of the Federal Government.

It is an agency of the International Monetary Fund which is an agency of the United Nations. No law has ever been passed legalizing the charging of income tax. The 1040 tax form is the payment of a foreign tax to the King/Queen of England. 

American citizens have been in financial servitude to the British Monarch since the Treaty of 1783 and the War of Dependence.
All tax payers have an Individual Master File and are held liable for a tax via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K. and payable to the U.K. Prior to 1991, the Business Master File in 6209 was U.S.-U.K. 

Tax Claims, non-refile DLN. That means that everyone is considered a business and involved in commerce.
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lie bank
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The 16th Amendment Purporting To Authorize Federal Taxation Of US Individuals Was Never Ratified By The States.

The first Federal income tax in the United States occurred during the civil war, through the passage of The Revenue Act of 1861: three percent for those making between $600 and $10,000, and five percent for those making over $10,000. This income tax was repealed ten years later.
The U.S. Supreme Court, however, ruled that the Federal income tax violated the U.S. Constitution because it was a direct tax on individuals and not apportioned between the States, required by the Constitution. The Constitution protects individuals against the abuse of Federal government power by stripping from the FEDs the power to tax individuals, knowing the power to tax is the power to destroy.
So the Federal power-seekers sought to overrule our forefathers and to empower the Federal Government, (that is, our US Federal Corporation, hereinafter, “The FEDS”) with the power to tax individuals through the 16th Amendment.
The ratification of the 16th Amendment is dubious. In 1913, the same year British agents steered through Congress the FED fraud on the night before Christmas Eve, the 16th Amendment was hatched. But the founders made changing the Constitution difficult, to say the least. One of two ways to alter our founding document requires any proposed Constitutional Amendment be ratified by three-fourths of the States.
Fraud and deceit were the hallmarks of this “ratification” process. At the time there were 48 States. More than 13 States either did not ratify the 16th Amendment, or it was fraudulently reported by a State Secretary of State as ratified, when it in fact was not. (The Law That Never Was) Ohio was counted as a ratifying State, even though Ohio did not lawfully become a State until Eisenhower signed an order in the 1950s.
One Federal court has passed on some of the fraudulent ratification issues (but no Federal court has passed on all of these fraudulent issues), and it has declared that it is enough for a Secretary of a State to fraudulently report a ratification that in fact never occurred!

Then this Federal court turned around and threatened attorneys that raised the illegal ratification issue with court fines if any dared raise the issue again – as if some cabal-stooge in a Secretary of State position can substitute his signature for the proper and legal ratification of an entire State — what gall! Federal Judges who placate Globalists by trampling the Constitution will have hell to pay, to be sure.

nwo money changers need people to rape
nwo money changers need people to rape
Even if the 16th Amendment had been legally passed, it did “not change the constitutional limitations which forbid any direct taxation of individuals.” (U.S. Supreme Court in Brushaber v. Union Pacific Rail Road Co. 240 U.S. 1 (1916).) Nor did the 16th Amendment purport to overrule the prohibition on direct taxation elsewhere in our Constitution.
Like every nefarious encroachment by our government, The FEDs roll it out slowly over time to acclimate us to their society-destroying power-grabbing plans. The U.S. income tax started out only soaking the rich. The Federal tax rate was in the single digits for those making under $250,000 in household income, and was capped at 15% for those making over $2 million. Today, of course, The FEDs have slowly inched their tentacles deeper and deeper into the pockets of the US middle class, at a time when the “Federal” “Reserve” “Bank” has decimated the value of the dollar down to fifteen cents.

Here is the-then IRS Commissioner admitting that taxes paid to the Puerto Rican Trusts (IRS) are a voluntary act of US sheeple:

The FED’s taxation of the people of the United States violates the protection our forefathers assured through our Constitution: that historical document created solely to check an out-of-control Federal Government. Making The FEDs the single biggest beneficiary of every middle class family paycheck has long caused our forefathers to roll over in their graves.

The IRS is Not a U.S. Government Agency: It’s a Sham Puerto Rican Trust With No Legal Authority To Collect A Dime From The People of the United States.

The IRS is Not a US Agency
The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), aka the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), was never created by any Act of Congress. It is not an agency of the Department of Treasury. The only mention of the IRS appears in 31 U.S.C. Sec. 301-315 stating that the President is authorized to appoint an Assistant General Counsel in the U.S. Department of Treasury to be the Chief Counsel for the IRS.
In the 1979 case Chrysler v. Brown (441 U.S. 281), the U.S. Supreme Court admitted that, after searching back to the Civil War, no organic Act for the IRS could be found. The Guarantee Clause in the Constitution establishes a Federal rule of law (Article IV, Sec. 4). We are supposed to be a nation of laws — not aNation of Globalists’ edicts. The IRS is not a US agency because there is no US law creating it. The IRS is a fraud, a charade, bilking us only because we’ve let them get away with it.
The IRS Is, In Actuality, Puerto Rican Trusts

The IRS is Puerto Rican Trusts operated by the Secretary of the Treasury, as the Trustee. The settler and beneficiaries of these trusts are unknown, and, conveniently enough, the Puerto Rican laws governing trusts keeps these entities secret.
Although concealed, according to US Code 31, Chapter 3, the Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are all one organization.
Acquired by conquest, the US gained possession of the Philippine Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. The Philippine Customs Administrative Act was passed by the Philippine Commission between 1900 to 1902. It was created to regulate trade with foreign countries and to impose custom duties and excise taxes. This Act created the Federal government’s first trust fund, Trust Fund #1 (US Code 31, Sec. 1321) and was administered under the general control of the Secretary of Finance and Justice.
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And here is the latest former IRS Commissioner, Stephen Miller admitting, at 4:44-4:49 on the video that “voluntary compliance . . . which under law is our entire tax system . . .”

In 1904 another Act was passed that created Trust Fund #2 and was known as The Bureau of Internal Revenue (US Code 31, Sec. 1321, Article I, Sec. 2 & 3):
“There shall be established a Bureau of Internal Revenue, the chief officer of which Bureau shall be known as the Collector of Internal Revenue. He shall be appointed by the Civil Governor, with the advice and consent of the Philippine Commission, and shall receive a salary at the rate of eight thousand pesos per annum. The Bureau of Internal Revenue shall belong to the department of Finance and Justice.”
“The Collector of Internal Revenue, under the direction of the Secretary of Finance and Justice, shall have general superintendence of the assessment and collection of all taxes and excises imposed by this Act or by any Act amendatory thereof, and shall perform such other duties as may be required by law.”
This in effect made the Customs Administrative Act within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines, merging the two to be responsible for “all taxes and excises imposed by this Act” — import and export excise taxes.

Prior to 1940, another Bureau of Internal Revenue was created in Puerto Rico and known as Trust Fund #62. Under the Reorganization Plan #3 of 1940 (US Code 5, Section 903), the Federal Alcohol Administration (created to enforce prohibition of alcohol) was abolished and their functions transferred to the Secretary of Treasury through the BIR. Although the history has been removed from the older editions of the USC, it can be deduced that the Federal Alcohol Administration was absorbed by the Puerto Rico Trust #62.
The China Trade Act was passed between 1904 and 1938 and dealt with opium, cocaine and citric wines shipped out of China, which appeared to be administered in the Philippines by the BIR. The Code of Federal Regulations of the USA, Title 26 Internal Revenue, Chapter I, references for the first time terms such as income, credits, withholding, assessment and collection and failure to file a return.

However, the entire substance of Title 26 applies to foreign individuals, foreign corporations, foreign ships, income from sources within the possessions of the United States, and citizens and domestic corporations of the US that derived income from sources within the possessions of the US.
All taxes covered by these laws were for imposts, excise taxes and duties to be collected by the BIR for narcotics, alcohol, tobacco and firearms. The IRS Act of 1939 applied to all taxes and duties collected on trade between US possessions (Philippines, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands) and foreign individuals, corporations and governments. A point of fact is that Al Capone was not jailed for income tax evasion — he was jailed for unpaid tax due on alcohol imported from Canada!

The Victory Tax Act

Passed by Congress for the years 1943 to 1944, the Victory Tax Act duped patriotic Americans into paying taxes to support winning World War II. The federal government created the clever lie that this tax applied to all Americans by sending out tax form 1040 to everyone.
In fact, only employees of the federal government, residents of the District of Columbia, residents of naval bases, residents of forts, US citizens of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, territories and possessions were lawfully required to file and pay the Victory Tax.
When the Victory Tax law expired in 1944, the news media never announced it to the public, and so the devious Federal government simply continued sending out 1040 forms in spite of the fact that no citizen of the 50 Union States was ever liable to pay the tax in the first place.
Bureau of Internal Revenue Becomes Internal Revenue Service
In 1953, the US surrendered control over the Philippines. Many questions remain about Trusts #1 (customs duties) and Trust #2 (internal revenue), such as why they continue to be administered to this day, and who exactly are the settlers and beneficiaries of the trusts.
It is no coincidence that in 1953, the Secretary of Treasury, G.K. Humphrey, under no legal authority but his own, changed the name of the BIR to Internal Revenue Service, by signing Treasury Order 150-06. Whether Humphrey changed the BIR’s name in the Philippines or in Puerto Rico is unknown.
Without the approval of Congress or the President, Humphrey illegally turned the Trust(s) into a Department of Treasury agency. No one opposed or even so much as challenged it.
Mutual Security Act

In 1954, the US and Guam became partners under the Mutual Security Act. The IRS Code of 1954 was also passed and coordinated “Individual Income Tax” for the US and Guam. Since the Constitution forbids un-apportioned direct taxes on the people of the United States, the Federal government had to trick people into volunteering to pay taxes as U.S. citizens of either Guam, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands.
Fast forward to 1972 when, again with no legal authority, Acting Secretary of Treasury, Charles E. Walker, signed Treasury Order 120-01, establishing The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). Walker apparently branched the IRS, creating the BATF, and then joined them back together into one. The Federal Register, Vol. 41, #180 (1976) states: “The terms ‘Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division’ has been replaced by the term ‘Internal Revenue Service’.”
However, Walker then cancelled out the order by declaring:
“The terms ‘Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division’ and ‘Commissioner of Internal Revenue’ wherever used in regulations, rules, and instructions, and forms, issued or adopted for the administration and enforcement of the laws specified in paragraph 2 hereof, which are in effect or in use on the effective date of this Order, shall be held to mean ‘the Director’.”
Walker created the BATF from Humphrey’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division of the Internal Revenue Service. He then maintains that what he transferred is the same “thing” as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Knowing he had no authority from Congress or the President, Walker made it appear that he had done something he had not done. To compound this fraud, the Federal Register published that a person was replaced by a thing: “the term Director Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division has been replaced with the term Internal Revenue Service.”
In 1935 when the Federal Alcohol Act (prohibition) was ruled unconstitutional within the 50 States, the functions of the Federal Alcohol Administration then became administered by the Secretary of Treasury through the BIR, an offshore Trust. The BIR became the IRS, and the IRS then gave birth to the BATF. On September 15, 1976, a signature somehow turned the position of Director of the BATF into the IRS.
To summarize, there is no such organization within the Department of Treasury known as “The Internal Revenue Service” or the “Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms.” In Title 31 USC stating the laws applicable to the Department of Treasury and listing the organizations belonging to it, there is no IRS or BATF listed. However, both the IRS (Puerto Rico Trust #62) and BATF, are listed as entities “to be audited” by the Controller General and both are referred to as having office(s) in Puerto Rico.
The IRS Code of 1939, aka IRS Code of 1954, pertains solely to tobacco and firearms taxes, administered by the IRS — alias BIR, alias Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue, alias Director ATF Division, alias IRS.
There is No Law Requiring The People of The United States To Pay Taxes To The IRS.
It’s always difficult to prove a negative, but those who know, understand there has been no law requiring citizens of The United States of America to pay taxes to any Federal Agency, much less  Puerto Rican Trusts with secret owners.
No Rule for Failure to File a Return

According to 44 USC, every regulation or rule must be published in the Federal Register and must be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. If there is no regulation, there is no implementation of the law. There can be found: no regulation governing “failure to file a return”; no regulation governing “failure to file,” and no computer code for “failure to file.”

Oddly enough, there is a requirement stating where to file an income tax return, and 26 C.F.R., Section 1.6091-3 states that “Income tax returns are required to be filed with the Director of International Operations.” Note the word “International.” Who is this Director?
No one in the IRS or BATF has any authority to do what they have been doing all these years. The 1986 Delegation Order #115 states that only the IRS and BATF can conduct audits, but only audits of themselves for $750 or less. Any audit above that amount must be done by the Controller General.
No IRS or BATF agent or representative can provide any law, rule or regulation that gives them authority to audit anyone but themselves.
Per 26 CFR, Section 1.6001-1(d), no one is required to keep records or file returns unless specifically notified by the district director by notice served to make such returns, render such statements or keep such specific records as will enable the district director to determine whether or not such person is liable for tax under Subtitle A of the Code.

Furthermore, this rule also applies to State individual income taxes, where “State” solely refers to the District of Columbia, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, territories and insular possessions.

Washington Shot Revolution
IRS Computer Codes

IRS Service Publication 6209 lists computer code “TC 150” for Virgin Island returns, and Codes 300-398 are listed as US and UK Tax Treaty claims for taxes on narcotics that are financed in the Cayman Islands and imported into the Virgin Islands.
When people having tax problems with the IRS file a Freedom of Information Act requesting their “Individual Master File” (IMF), every return has these computer codes except for the Guam returns. Every return shows that the citizen is being taxed on income that came from importing narcotics, alcohol, tobacco or firearms in the US or one of its territories/possessions, from a foreign country, or from Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands or into the Virgin Islands from the Cayman Islands.
26 C.F.R, Sec. 601.103(a) is the only reference to who is required to file a return, provided that the person has been properly noticed by the District Director to both keep records and is required to file. Have you ever been sent a notice from the District Director to keep records and file a return? If you write or print your name on a line marked “taxpayer,” you become the taxpayer.
Since these forms are affidavits, you commit a crime when you fill out the form confirming what you are not, a taxpayer. You are a Citizen of the United States of America and subject to the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America.
“The scam manifests itself in many different ways. In order to maintain the semblance of legality, hats are changed from moment to moment. When you are told to submit records for examination, you are dealing with Customs. When you submit an offer in compromise, you are dealing with the Coast Guard. When you are confronted by a Special Agent of the IRS, you are really dealing with a deputized United States Marshall.
When you are being investigated by the alleged Internal Revenue Service, you are really dealing with an agent contracted by the Justice Department to investigate narcotics violations. When the alleged Internal Revenue Service charges you with a crime, you are dealing with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Only a small part of 26 U.S.C. is administered by the alleged Internal Revenue Service.
“Most of the Code is administered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, including Chapters 61 through 80, which is enforcement. In addition, 27 C.F.R. is BATF, and states in Subpart B, Definitions, 250.11, Meaning of terms: ‘United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office — Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office in Puerto Rico.’
Every person we find who is being prosecuted by the alleged Internal Revenue Service has a code on their IMF [Individual Master File] which puts them in “tax class 6,” which designates that they have violated a law relating to alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, in Puerto Rico.”                    William Cooper, 1995.
While the U.S. Department of Justice has the power of attorney to represent federal agencies in federal court, it has no legal authority to represent the IRS since it is not a legal agency. Furthermore, the governments of all federal territories are specifically excluded from the definition of a “federal agency” by Act of Congress (5 U.S.C. 551(1)(C). Since the IRS is domiciled in Puerto Rico, it is by definition not a federal agency that can be represented by the Department of Justice.
However, because the President has the authority to appoint IRS Chief Counsel, he/she can appoint a delegate to appear in federal court on behalf of the IRS and IRS employees. The chain of command starts with Congress, then flows to the President, then to IRS Chief Counsel – not to the Department of Justice.

Jefferson Banks Armies Debt
IRS Thuggery
We have become a people ruled by tax laws passed by the rich and for the rich where no law exists that requires taxes to be paid. The IRS gets away with its brutal enforcement of this scam because the Federal courts have, case after case, refused to hold them accountable. Consistently the due process afforded to us by our Constitution is completely violated, with property and records being confiscated so that Americans are helpless to defend themselves against the IRS and their weapons.
The 2013 Tax Advocate Service annual report bemoans IRS criminal collection practices, which were ruled illegal by Federal courts, but just ignored and continued by the IRS. IRS lawyers, federal judges and IRS personnel and appointees habitually lie in court cases to perpetuate IRS fraud.

And, as has been widely reported by the IRS targeting of the Obama Administration’s political enemies, the IRS has been turned into a political weapon of mass destruction that would make Nixon blush. And don’t you believe the whitewash investigation by the Administration’s wolf in the people’s chicken coop:

Over the years, the IRS’ fraudulent publications, misapplied tax code and deliberate omissions have trained lawyers and judges to continue this fraud by unwittingly paying taxes for which we are clearly not liable. We allow our liberties and our living to be confiscated and pillaged by the lawless, criminal ruling class to the extent to which we allow lawyers and judges to willfully misapply tax laws. According to the 2013 Tax Advocate Service annual report the taxpayer has just a 2% chance of success if they challenge the IRS.
William Cooper: “We have been betrayed by those we trusted. We have been robbed of our money and property. It happened because we trusted imperfect men to rule imperfect men, and we failed in our duty as watchdogs. It happened because we have been ignorant, apathetic and even stupid.”
It is essential for all Americans to become aware of the history of the IRS and understand how one lie has been compounded by countless other lies to brainwash Americans into paying taxes that they clearly are not liable to pay.
The IRS is a criminal, thug organization that is out of control.

Where Has Our Money Gone?
By all accounts, the IRS first puts the money into a “Quad Zero” account under an Individual Master File, after which time it can apparently do whatever it wants with the money. Sometimes it is dispersed under Treasury Order #91 (Rev. 1, 1986), which is a service agreement between the IRS and the Agency for International Development (USAID).
In accordance with the international agreement that created the International Monetary Fund, the Secretary of Treasury is the U.S. Governor of the International Monetary Fund and is paid by them. The International Monetary Fund came into existence at the United Nations Monetary and Financial conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944 and the US became a member in 1945 (U.S.C. Title 22, Sec. 286).
So what is funding our federal government? Tax researcher, Richard Standring (now deceased) believed that the US funds itself with loans from the International Monetary Fund. Following checks naming the IRS as the payee, Standring found that the checks go to a Federal Reserve bank. The money then flows to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is deposited into the “Quad Zero” account, which is the account from which the IRS distributes refunds (per 22 U.S.C. 286 and 31 CFR 11, Sec. 214.7)
According to Standring’s research, whatever is left over is then transferred to the International Monetary Fund and subsequently redistributed in the form of loans to countries around the world, including the US. These loans must then be paid back with interest to International Monetary Fund bankers.
Our own money is being used for loans, even to our own country, which we have to pay back with interest to the International Monetary Fund. What portion of our national debt does this account for?
It may be impossible to accurately determine how much American tax dollars have been funneled to the International Monetary Fund, or given away by the Federal Reserve Bank to foreign banks, or how much money the government has illegally siphoned off for black-ops, false flags, payoffs to lobbyists and Congressmen, and for assassinations of presidents (domestic and foreign), scientists and whistleblowers. However, what can be documented is that for 240 years, a large portion of our tax dollars – and countless American lives — have gone to line the pockets of the multi-national military industrial complex.
American Involvement in Wars
* American Civil War 1861-1865
* Spanish-American War 1898
* World War I 1917-1918
* World War II 1941-1945
* Puerto Rican Revolt 1950
* Korean War 1950-1953
* First Indochina War 1950-1954
* Vietnam War 1953-1975
* Laotian Civil War 1953-1975
* Lebanon Crisis 1958
* Congo Crisis 1960-1965
* Bay of Pigs (Cuba) 1961
* Colombian Conflict 1964-present
* Invasion of Dominican Republic 1965-1966
* War in Bolivia (Execution of Che Guevara) 1966-1967
* Korean DMZ Conflict 1966-1969
* Cambodian Civil War 1970-1975
* Soviet War in Afghanistan 1979-1989
* First Gulf of Sidra 1981
* Lebanese Civil War 1982-1984
* Invasion of Grenada 1983
* Action in Gulf of Sidra 1986
* Bombing of Libya 1986
* Operation Ernest Will (Iran-Iraq War) 1977-1978
* Second Gulf of Sidra Incident 1989
* Invasion of Panama 1989-1990
* Persian Gulf War 1990-1991
* Iraq No-Fly Zones (Iraq-Kurdish Conflict) 1991-2003
* Operation Restore Hope (Somali Civil War) 1992-1994
* Bosnian War (Yugoslav Wars) 1993-1995
* Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti) 1994-1995
* Operation Infinite Reach (al-Qaeda) 1998
* Kosovo War (Yugoslav Wars) 1999
* War in Afghanistan (War on Terror) 2001-2011 (ongoing)
* Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines (War on Terror) 2002-present
* Operation Enduring Freedom-Horn of Africa (War on Terror) 2002-present
* Second Liberian Civil War 2003
* Iraq War (War on Terror) 2003-present
* War in Northwest Pakistan (War on Terror) 2004-present
* War in Somalia (War on Terror and Somali Civil War) 2006-2009
* Operation Enduring Freedom-Trans-Sahara (War on Terror) 2007-present
* Al-Qaeda Insurgency in Yemen (War on Terror) 2010-present
* Libyan Civil War (Arab Spring) 2011
* Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency (Africa) 2011-present
It is evident the FEDs has perpetually kept our country at war and conflict. They have done this by keeping Americans feeling under eternal threat, both at home and worldwide, thereby justifying taxes for what is made to appear as desperately-needed protection. Nothing reveals this deadly con game against the American people more than the 9/11 false flag and the resulting years of the “War on Terror,” which is nothing more than a euphemism for a war against the people — against our standard of living, against our paychecks, our rights, our health and our safety. They will take everything, unless we wake up, join forces, stand and fight them to the death. They cannot win against us all.
We Want Our Damn Money Back!
There are now movements afoot to mount a massive new class-action suit against the IRS. We applaud these efforts and would add a clarion call to all patriotic American lawyers who have the courage and fortitude to stand up for American citizens and flood the courts with lawsuits to reveal the illegality of the income tax, expose the IRS for its criminal fraud and force the courts to uphold our U.S. Constitution.
The elite have long relied upon our not knowing the truth and not knowing what to do. Now that we know the truth, will we continue to allow them to take our money and ask “but what can I do?”
At our inception as a country we freed ourselves from tyranny, and we must do it again — monumental change will be achieved by We The People joining together.
Neil Keenan
In 1604, the Virginia Company was formed with the purpose of establishing settlements on the coast of North America.
Its main stockholder was British King James I.
The Virginia Company owned most of the land that is now called the USA.
The Virginia Company of the British Crown had rights to 50%, yes 50%, of all gold and silver mined on its lands, plus percentages of other minerals and raw materials, and 5% of all profits from other ventures.
  1. Virginia company exporting overseas
The lands of the British owned Virginia Company were granted to the American colonies under a Deed of Trust (lease) and therefore – they could not claim ownership of the land.
They could pass on the perpetual use of the land to their heirs or sell the perpetual use of the land, but they could NEVER own it.
The Virginia Company formed two companies. The “Virginia Company of London” and the “Virginia Company of Plymouth” operating with identical charters but covering different territories.
The Plymouth Company never fulfilled its charter and its territory became New England.
A successor company to the Plymouth Company eventually established a permanent settlement in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620 in what is now New England.
In 1624, the King dissolved the London Company and made Virginia a “royal colony”.

In 1773, the United States ratified a contract in which loans were owed to the British Crown.
The purpose of the loans were to fund both sides of the War of Independence.
“All bills of credit omitted, monies borrowed and debts contracted by or under the authority of congress before the assembling of the US in pursuance of the present confederation, shall be deemed and considered a charge against the US for payment and satisfaction where of the US and public and public faith are hereby solemnly pledged”.
After 1776, the Virginia royal colony became the Commonwealth of Virginia, one of the original thirteen states of the United States, adopting as its official slogan “The Old Dominion”.
After the United States was formed, the entire states of West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois, and portions of Ohio were all later created from the territory encompassed earlier by the Colony of Virginia.
Ownership was retained by the British Crown.

Hamilton The Traitor!

The First Bank of the United States was created in 1791 and chartered for 20 years but was not renewed due to public outrage over policy.

You see Alexander Hamilton could afford to say anything ‘noble’ as he just assisted  Rothschild banking system to enter the U.S. behind George Washington’s back.

First Rothschild Sleeper Cell Was Alexander Hamilton who said:

"Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption.
These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one quarter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils."

Hamilton The Traitor Gets Dead!

Hamilton’s Rothschild Bank Of America

International bankers saw that interest-free scrip would keep America free of their influence, so by 1781 banker-backed Alexander Hamilton succeeded in starting the Bank of America.

After a few years of “bank money”, the prosperity of “Colonial Scrip” was gone. Benjamin Franklin said, “Conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity had ended and a depression set in to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with the unemployed!” Bank money was like our FED money.
It had debt and interest attached. By 1790 Hamilton and his bankers had created a privately owned central bank and converted the public debt (interest-free) into interest bearing bonds, payable to the bankers.
When Hamilton’s bank charter expired in 1811, the international bankers started the war of 1812.
Founding Father Who DId Good & Bad Was An Ultimate Traitor To The U.S. Established The First  Central Bank With Rothschild. Hamilton Was Shot By Burr Both Served Under General Washington. Hamilton Was Married Into The Rothschild Family.

Founding Father Who Did Good? & Bad Was An Ultimate Traitor To The U.S.
Hamilton Established The First Central Bank With Rothschild Inside The United States.
Hamilton Was Shot By Burr Who Served Under General Washington.
Hamilton Was Married Into The Rothschild Family.

Third Vice President Of The United States Of America Shoots Alexander Hamilton Dead Putting An End To Hamilton’s Noble Speeches Of Defending The Constitution While At The Same Time Hamilton Is Injecting Rothschild Poison Into The Veins Of The Newly Formed USA!


“I have never known the prejudice in favor of birth, parentage and descent, more conspicuous than in the instance of Col. Burr. That gentleman was connected by blood with many respectable families in New England. . . .  He had served in the army, and came out of it with the character of a knight without fear, and an able officer.”                  - – – President John Adams

On the uniforms of US troops, in Federal buildings, criminal courts, and even when the US President is giving a speech, the US national flag always displays a gold fringe.
The gold fringe stands for British Maritime Law, Military Law and Martial Law.
The flag with the gold or yellow fringe has no US constitution, no US laws, and no US rules of court.
It is not recognized by any nation on earth.
It is foreign to you and the United States of America.
After the American War of (In)Dependence, the King’s corporation changed names from the Virginia Company to the United States Of America, the USA and the US.
The United States of America is not a country.
It is a corporation and it is owned by the British Crown.
Britain created the illusion that it lost its North American colony, but in reality, it exchanged overt control for covert control.
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